Thursday, May 14, 2009

and the waiting continue...

Well, I said as soon as I found out I would post... unfortunately, there is no news.

Let me explain. The Army is moving their paperwork from papers to electronic, therefore 21 applicants paperwork or now electronic-work were not viewed. And yes you guessed it hubby was one of the 21 packets. I do not completely understand it all the technicalities. So the waiting continues. I was sadden when I found out just wanting to make sense of it all, but with an hour or two one by I can sit with more peace and reassurance that God's hand is upon it. The good news... hubby will be going to the board in June - they have promised this especially since it was the Army board who made the error and this will not count against him as one of the three times you can send your packet to the board. The bad new... well not necessarily bad, but the challenging part... more waiting.

I'm just praying this time will allow me to become more patient with God's plans for our lives. I have an extraordinary amount of patience for children, people with disabilities, etc. etc. BUT when it comes to life plans and planning events have the bare minimal. So, with this all said... deep sigh... time to be patient once again. I'm asking for prayers that I learn to be patient and continue to trust the Lord with His plans. It is difficult being a very organized person and quite the planner.

So, as of right now... I'll be applying for jobs in StLouis, hubby will accept a CPE year long program just in case and as of today the vacation we have been praying for (and God has been providing money for) is put on hold. In all of this, I can see God may have a reason for this board to have not completely met. Ah, another sigh. Come on June 16th (end of school) and June 23-24 for the June board!

There is the latest... once again I will update in June as soon as we know! :) As for now, God is still so good and He still is on the throne! HOOAH-lujah! (my new phrase via the COL that interviewed hubby!)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Well, every chaplain's wife has a waiting post in their blog, so I felt it was my time to write one. The board was held May 12th (yesterday). No word yet. Just waiting. Waiting is the theme to become an Army Chaplain.

The Lord says to be anxious for nothing, but make your prayers and petitions known to God. I feel joy and excitement to hear the truth of our situation. I know the Lord's hand is upon it all and am confident in the decision that was made at the board! God is so good and I look forward to going down the road he leads us!!

As soon as we know, I'll make a post! :)